Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sunday AFTER Christmas 2013

Services this Week: Anglican Parish of St Peter, Fredericton.

Jan 1                      no midweek service scheduled

Jan 5                      2nd Sunday after Christmas             Holy Communion       8 & 11 a.m.

 We welcome all who are visiting us for worship on this Holy Nativity season. You will notice that St Peter's is a specifically Prayer Book Parish theologically as well as liturgically. What this means is that traditional liturgy (services) are the worshipping expression of normative Anglican, (i.e., of the Anglican Communion) belief. We hope that you find your time in our midst spiritually refreshing and beneficial.

A special "thank - you" to all who were able to make Christmas memorial donations in aid of adorning God's House for the birth of our Saviour. It is most appropriate that we do all we can in this regard to show our respect, love and devotion to our God. We pray that our actions serve as a witness to the true focus of this season in the midst of so much secularization and commercialization.

 Fr Hebb’s Food Bank Challenge: The challenge is- every time you go grocery shopping this month that you buy one item each time for the Fredericton Food Bank – and then bring it to Church for an offering which will be delivered to our Food Bank. Technically, this is called an “alms” offering!
Christmas Home & shut-in Holy Communions: Please speak to Fr Hebb immediately if there is a need for this ministry which he may not be aware of or simply verify that a desirous parishioner is on his list of Home Communions!

New offering envelopes are at the rear – if your name is not on a box then please claim a new box and sign your name on the sheet on the wall provided for that purpose. Let’s all do our bit financially and together keep the doors of St Peter’s open for our upcoming 176th year

2 sun-catchers remain available on a first come first served basis - at rear of church $10.00 each

A container for donations to the Rector's Discretionary Fund has now appeared at the rear - please consider supporting this ever increasing need. As well as requests for groceries, Fr Hebb also fields requests for rent -top-up funds, help with heating bills and gasoline money - sometimes to enable visits family members in distant hospitals.

Financial news: If you or anyone you love participates in the life of our Parish please give a thought to its ongoing life, ministry and presence by supporting St Peter's with a meaningful financial engagement in 2014. FYI: The Diocese has recalculated the sum our Parish is asked to contribute to the greater Church each year -  St Peter's amount will be rising from 13,860.00 to 16,419.00. Last year we were able to pay 10, 350.00. Clearly a challenge faces us.

The People of St. Mary’s (York) invite you to join them on Sunday, January 5th, at 4:00 p.m. for a very special service.  They are planning A Festival of Lessons and Carols for Christmas on the 12th Night of Christmas as a conclusion to the Season of Christmas and an entry into the Season of Epiphany. They hope that you can be with them as they bring our celebration of the Season to a delightful close.

 New sign-up sheets for Altar Guild 2014 and Church Cleaning 2014 are at the rear.

Annual Meeting January 19, 2014 following Congregational Pot Luck!

The Hebb's; Ross, Linda, Sarah and Benjamin wish one and all a happy, holy and safe Christmas Season!