Saturday, February 22, 2014

Epiphany 5< 2014 Feb 9th

Services this Week: Anglican Parish of St Peter, Fredericton.

Feb 11              Parish Bible Study at Brunswick Hall, Shannex      3 p.m.

Feb 12              rug hookers bridge luncheon transferred

Feb 12                    midweek service scheduled                                                      7 p.m..

Feb 13                    At home Confirmation class                                                     7 p.m.
             St Peter's Valentine Bridge at Shannex in the a.m. see opposite for details

Feb 14                    Dr Hebb to Petticodiac Library for WW 1 talk                      2 p.m.

Feb 16                    Septuagesima Sunday/Baden Powell Sunday/ Guest speaker at 11   8 & 11 a.m.

Feb 16                    Vestry meeting                                                                      12:45

We welcome all who are visiting us for worship on this Holy Epiphany season. You will notice that St Peter's is a specifically Prayer Book Parish theologically as well as liturgically. What this means is that traditional liturgy (services) are the worshipping expression of normative Anglican, (i.e., of the Anglican Communion) belief. We hope that you find your time in our midst spiritually refreshing and beneficial.

 Feb 16th will be Baden-Powell Sunday again this year at St Peter's. That day will also feature a  special guest speaker at the 11 a.m. service  - Matt Eagar explaining the work of (and his commitment to) "Mission Aviation Fellowship." Please plan to attend.
A container for donations to the Rector's Discretionary Fund has now appeared at the rear - please consider supporting this ever increasing need. As well as requests for groceries, Fr Hebb also fields requests for rent -top-up funds, help with heating bills and gasoline money - sometimes to enable visits family members in distant hospitals.
Financial news: If you or anyone you love participates in the life of our Parish please give a thought to its ongoing life, ministry and presence by supporting St Peter's with a meaningful financial engagement in 2014. FYI: The Diocese has recalculated the sum our Parish is asked to contribute to the greater Church each year -  St Peter's amount will be rising from 13,860.00 to 16,419.00. Last year we were able to pay just $9,500.00
A NEW wintertime initiative: This week is the Valentine “Coffee Party” Bridge at Shannex The event will be held on Thursday, Feb 13, 2014 at 9:00 am and play will commence at 9:45 am. For further details please speak to Frankie, A., Mary C. or Audrey K.

World Day of Prayer Bible Study: 10am Mon. Feb.17, 2014  Brunswick St. Baptist Church, all parish ladies welcomed, 3rd floor, new section , take elevator from the 1st floor.  This year the Women of Egypt wrote ecumenical service for World Day of Prayer entitled " Streams in the Desert". Mary McMulkin has been to Egypt and offers great insight about her trip there with pictures and artifacts. This year World Day of Prayer Service: Fri. Mar.7, 2014 at Holy Family Church, Hanwell.

Unexpected situation: On the evening of Feb 2 sewage backed-up into both the rectory and the parish hall - this phase of the event was caught early and cleaned up. Sadly, fixing the origin of the problem was much more involved and stretched over all Monday and half of Tuesday. It involved pump trucks, an electrician, a plumber (2 days) and a steam truck and a front end loader from the city. The sewage from both buildings empties into a catch-basin (under the man-hole cover) behind the hall and is then  pumped out to  the city line under the trail. Unfortunately, the line goes all the way beyond the cemetery before it joins the city sewage system and it was the end of line that was frozen. It caused our  lift pump to pump until it  broke off and burnt out -including the electrical connections. It took all day Monday to determine that this was the origin of the problem. Needless to say bills will be coming. Our insurance company has been contacted and we are in discussions but it is highly unlikely that insurance will cover all costs.
Hearty Turkey Soup Takeout Meal St. John’s Anglican Church, 75 Main Street

Thursday, February 13th, 10:00 am to 6:00 p.m. Come pick up a large container (at least 4 servings) of hearty turkey soup, rolls, and brownies for four all for $20, smaller servings available for $10. To reserve your meal please call the church office 458-9411. Group delivery can be arranged for workplaces etc. All funds raised will be going to Youth Missions.