Friday, January 23, 2009

E-Bulletin: Jan 25, Conversion of St Paul, 2009

Services this Week : Parish of St Peter, Fredericton, N. B.
Feb 1 Fourth Sunday after Epiphany Holy Communion 8 & 11 a.m.
Jan 27 Parish Bible Study Ste Anne’s Court 3:30 p.m.
Jan 28 mid-week H. C. 7 p.m.
Jan 25 TODAY Evensong at St Peter’s 4 p.m.

We welcome the Cathedral Puppeteers to our Parish this day !

We welcome all visitors to our Parish this day. St Peter's is a specifically Prayer Book Parish theologically as well as liturgically. What this means is that traditional liturgy (services) are the worshipping expression of normative Anglican, (i.e., of the Anglican Communion) belief. We hope that you find your time in our midst spiritually refreshing and beneficial. Please pray for us!
Is there someone who should be prayed for ? Prayers can be either public (in Church) or private - in homes and the Rector's personal devotions.

Fredericton Food bank: The Food Bank asks for a focus on ‘meal in a can’ items such as canned stews, canned beans or canned pasta. Remember: the need which exists before Christmas does not go away in January!

Parish monthly ACW meeting Feb 2 Hall 7 p.m. - weather permitting!

Bible Word Scramble : euscr - see readings on reverse. Last week’s answer: recoils Hosea 11:8
Handouts from the Annual Parish Meeting as well as the minutes of last week’s annual meeting are available at the rear - challenges await us in 2009!!

Needed Now: A volunteer(s) to snow shovel the church and parish hall next month. Shovelling must be done after each storm. If we cannot find volunteer(s) or someone to pay to do it the hall will become unusable. This will seriously impact our outreach (cubs, scouts etc) and also hurt (or terminate) hall generated cash flow from paying rentals.

Altar Guild and Church Cleaning sign-up sheets are at the rear - please consider giving it a try!

Fr Hebb has a speaking engagement with the Fredericton Seniors on Feb 2 at 112 Johnson Ave 7:30 p.m. He will speak on Bishop Medley as an international figure of his day including his views on the then emerging Anglican Communion.

Shrove Tuesday Supper Feb 24 - please plan to help and attend!