Thursday, January 06, 2011

E:Bulletin: Jan 9, 2011 Epiphany 1

Services this Week: Parish of St Peter, January 9 – Jan 16, 2011.

Jan 12 Wed hall in use by Rug Hooking Guild 8:45 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Jan 12 Wed Mid week Holy Communion Octave of Epiphany 7 p.m.
Jan 16 2011 Second Sunday after Epiphany Holy Communion 8 & 11 a.m.
NOTE: Sunday School and Confirmation classes resume Jan 16 10:15 a.m.

St Peter’s Sunday School voted to contribute $100.00 to support the Fredericton Community Shelter as part of their Christmas Outreach!

We welcome all who are worshipping with us this holy season. St Peter's is a specifically Prayer Book Parish theologically as well as liturgically. What this means is that traditional liturgy (services) are the worshipping expression of normative Anglican, (i.e., of the Anglican Communion) belief. We hope that you find your time in our midst spiritually refreshing and beneficial.

Word Scramble: -eieoccndv - see readings on reverse. Last week’s answer: majestic Isaiah 60:15

Vestry News: On Sunday Dec 5, Vestry listened to a joint presentation on Natural Church Development (NCD) from our representatives; vestryman, Wilfred Alliston and synod delegate Sandra Gereau. NCD is the program chosen by vestry at its May meeting as the most suitable means whereby to conduct a Parish self-assessment. This assessment would identify strengths and weaknesses and suggest methods of improvement. A Pamphlet of information is available (at the rear) for reading before further discussion at our annual meeting in January 2011.On a positive front, treasurer Fram reported all bills paid to the end of November except for our outstanding commitments to the diocese (formerly called assessments and apportionments) which continue to accumulate on a monthly basis. This figure helps pay the salaries of the Bishop and all the diocesan staff for, please remember, the diocese has no significant income source other than what is collected from the parishes! The total owed by St Peter’s to the diocese by year’s end will be $13,860.00. Vestry is determined to pay $10,000.00 of this figure if at all possible in honor of the recently adopted 10-10-10 program of the diocese. Vestry also received an initial report on a proposal to develop parish property behind both the hall and the rectory. The proposal would take several years to execute, would involve high-value housing and necessitate the involvement of a developer. The idea is to enter into a long-term lease, thereby NOT selling the land and the Parish benefiting by securing a long-term income flow from the arrangement. Further discussion and a motion seeking approval in principle will be held at the annual meeting in January – input is desired from all interested parishioners.

Vestry voted $100.00 to the Community Kitchen and $100.00 to the Homeless Shelter as part of our Christmas Outreach.

Snow shovelling volunteers for parish properties required for winter 2011. A monthly sign-up sheet is at the rear as is a precise explanation of the job! No one has signed up for February or March!

Sign-up sheets for Altar Guild 2011 and Church Cleaning 2011 are at the rear ! [Instruction sheets as to what your duties would be if you volunteer for either cleaning or Altar Guild are also available for perusal.]

St Peter’s Parish Annual Meeting Sunday January 23 1:15 p.m. following pot luck gathering!
Topics will include NCD, 10-1010 and talk about possible use/developement of Parish property – including rectory rental, maintenance etc

Reports for annual meeting due at Parish office by Wed Jan19th typed (on 8 x11 paper) or in electronic form.